Teiva or Prince of the islands

First EP - 2020

Teiva Hunter Cover BD_edited.jpg

Teiva Hunter is a French singer songwriter. He spent the first 16 years in Tahiti, French Polynesia, surrounded by the sounds of Tahitian percussions and Ukulele.
A Tahitian guitar teacher showed him the main guitar chords and Teiva wrote his first songs soon after.

Teiva is his real first name, it means "Prince of the islands".

Whilst studying in Ireland, Teiva's friends encouraged him to create a Youtube channel and sing cover songs with his guitar. He did, and some videos encountered success, with dozens of thousands of views. At the same time, he decided to learn by himself how to produce music, how to make musical arrangements and mix.

For professional reasons, Teiva Hunter now lives in the East of France, next to Geneva. He devotes himself to producing new songs in his home studio.

Teiva's music is an eclectic pop with songs in English and French. It often explores Electro sounds. World and Rock music influences are heard too. 

Teiva has already been contacted by music professionals and a manager, and a first EP may be out in 2019.

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